About Us

About Me

I decided to join Charter House last year. My interest in real estate grew over the years and I was given the opportunity to join the Charter House team and haven't looked back. I am based out of Indianola and Norwalk but serve the entire Des Moines Metro and surrounding areas. Find out more on my Charter House Agent's Page!

Why Overpay in Commission?

At Charter House, we feel like there is no reason to pay the 6 or 7% that most agents are charging. If you choose me as your agent, you will only pay $2,495 (+3% to the buyers agent) no matter the price you sell your house for! You could save thousands of dollars by listing with me!

Buying Your Next Home

When you are buying a house, it can get very stressful. Let me take some of that stress off your shoulders! I would love to help you find a home that is perfect for you and your family! Also remember that the seller will be paying the buyer agent's commission so there is no reason not to have an agent as a buyer.